Our Coffee Our Story

Caffeine & Krooks is a 100% independent/skater owned coffee company with a true passion for skateboarding and a great cup of coffee.

With over 20 years of experience in the Cafe Bar industry and after traveling around skate spots & coffee shops trying all sorts of coffee, we decided to go it alone and create a unique small batch coffee to give a clean boost of energy with a smooth natural taste.

The beans are roasted to medium/dark enabling full caramelisation without creating any bitterness. The result is full bodied, smooth, consistent, ‘pretty sweet’ taste.

Perfect to drink as a straight espresso and integrates well with milk for a deep flavored coffee of your choice with a kick, push. 

Caffeine & Krooks also believe in sharing a great coffee with good mates.

Whether you’re grabbing a cup to go before meeting up at the local spot or hitting up the daily grind just make sure to share a Caffeine & Krooks coffee or two with the crew. 

Our Coffee. 

The coffee that we sell is a single origin, specialty coffee that we have specifically sourced, tried and tested to fit our passion for skateboarding and good coffee. 

The coffee, therefore, is a higher grade than most big name brand coffees you will find in regular supermarkets.

Our ethically sourced coffee is roasted in Cardiff by our friends at Manumit Coffee Roasters. Manumit trains and employs survivors of modern slavery and is co-directed by Dai – an original OG skater. 

We Grind. 

Our ground coffee is ground to medium.

Our House Roast Coffee




Taste notes: Dark chocolate, Brazil nuts & toffee. 

Ethically sourced. 

Working with our partners we seek to build relationships with the coffee farmers we buy from and do rigorous research to ensure that there is no exploitation happening at the point of origin.